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No Shave November Advertising Opportunities

Sections Below:

  • Shaving and grooming products major sponsorship.
  • Bands and celeberties advertising.
  • More Benefits – the numbers
  • More Benefits – the plans
  • Facebook Groups and Charities

Shaving and Grooming Products Major Sponsor

Noshember is looking for an official razor, shaving products, and grooming sponsor for this Noshember season.


  • Place your ads in all the top and bottom banners for this site.
  • Graphic Design included, motion graphics available
  • Be the official razor sponsor for Noshember
  • Your product as collectable, impulse buy, more than just as needed
  • More benefits below

Price: $2000 for the season

Bands and Celeberties

We are fans of all things good music. We want to work with bands to provide affordable and affective advertising.


    • Your ad rotating every third page load throughout the site OR Heroes Of Hair profile page
    • Graphic Design included, motion graphics available
    • More benefits below

Price: $350 for the season

More Benefits – the numbers

  • 1.2 Million pageviews over the last 3 years
  • Global reach
  • People stay on the site for a long time, and share often
  • Top site in many social and search engine results

Facebook Groups and Charities

We’re always happy to tie No-Shave groups world wide together. We hope can be a hub for a world-wide network of Nosheberites! Just contact us and let us know about your group or fundraiser and how we can help! We only ask for the favor returned. Let your people know where they can come for all their Noshember news, photos, stories, rules, community, merch, and info year round!