Heroes Of Hair: Chris “Chops” Barker


Beard Hero Chris “Chops” Barker

Beard Hero Chris “Chops” Barker
One of the newer members of the ClassicShaving.com team, Chris “Chops” Barker is proud to be a part of a family-owned company that has been putting customers (and their unwanted hairs) first for over thirty-five years.
His electric shaver has been gathering dust under the bathroom sink ever since he went back to shaving with a quality cream, a badger-hair-bristled brush, and a double-edged, replaceable-blade safety razor. When it’s time to shave off his Noshember Beard, he’ll do it old school like his father and his father before him. He’s a firm believer that traditional wet shaving is a win/win/win: a great morning ritual, easy on the wallet, and environmentally-friendly.
Classic Shaving
“As the name implies, I’ve cultivated a healthy set of mutton-“chops” for most of my adult life. However, when the need arises, when a cry rises up across the land, a time comes to connect the chops across the chin and form them into an entire beard… That time is here and that time is now: NOSHEMBER. I look forward to a month of cleaning the turkey leg grease and bacon drippings from my fingers the way the cavemen did… by wiping them on the curly bristles of my ponderous beard.”

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