No Shave November Women


Noshember Guys THANK Noshemberinas

We also want to throw a kudos to all the ladies who have to deal with your man’s nasty annoying and downright manly facial hair. It’s only for one month…hang in there.
We are having a contest for the best thank you poem for our ladies.


Girls Rules of the Game

Ladies! Don’t think that just because you can’t grow a burly beard you can’t participate in No Shave November…You can! Now it may not be on your face, but hair does grow on your body…the most commonly sported female hair is on the legs and under the arms. Now its quite uncommon for even males in our society to be unkempt in general, but its especially uncommon for females to go all natural. So we want to give you a special word of encouragement and thanks for supporting the ways of the hairy. We commend you. And sorry ladies… but Mustache Christmas Morning is one tradition that only a select few of you can enjoy.

A note from one of the female Noshember Facebook groups:

“For all the girls who think they can go for all of november without shaving. We are standing up for our right as women!”
“How long can you go? *oh, btw, this group is only for legs. feel free to shave other places as you wish, cuz i’m not gonna go there*”